Equipment Cleaning

We are happy to announce that equipment cleaning is once again available at Stateline Sports.  We have partnered with Herrin Enterprises Ultrasonic Cleaning to provide a more complete cleaning and treatment process to help protect your player. 

Here is how it works:

The equipment is cleaned using large scale ultrasonic cleaning tanks.  Items are submerged and subjected to high frequency ultrasonic waves that cause cavitation at the microscopic level.  This repeated action is what breaks down the dirt and kills the bacteria, especially in the places that would be difficult to clean using just conventional methods.  Next, the item is placed into a custom drying cabinet until sufficiently dry,  then treated with BioShield75,  which kills  any micro-organism that is introduced to the treated surface for a minimum of  3 months (if properly maintained).   This helps prevent the growth of odor causing bacteria and helps  prevents the introduction of other harmful micro-organisms such as MRSA, Ringworm, and even Athlete's Foot.


Complete Hockey Service

Sharpening / Radiusing Replace / Repair Blades And Holders Replace / Repair Eyelets And Rivets Punchout / Reshape Boot And Footbed

Ball Glove Relacing