Stateline Sports is the trusted source for quality footwear, socks and insoles. Stop in and be amazed by the selection. See what a difference a good shoe, sock or insole can make!

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Shoes, shoes, and more shoes! Selection, service and great prices! That pretty well sums up the Stateline Sports footwear department. Stateline Sports has a shoe for just about any activity. Are you a runner, a walker, a day hiker, a gym member, a tennis player? We’ve got shoes for that. Does your job require you to be on your feet all day on hard surfaces? We have shoes for that. shoesAt Stateline Sports, you will find the area’s most extensive selection of footwear along with outstanding service for everyone in the family. Stop in and get fitted to your new shoes today! The age old adage of “you get what you pay for” certainly applies here.sockThe only thing better than a good pair of socks is a great pair of socks!  That’s what we have here at Stateline Sports. Great socks! An entire wall, filled with the best name brands of socks. Tired of your old socks that won’t stay up?  Looking for compression?  Diabetic? Poor circulation?  Stop in today to see just what your feet have been missing. Stateline Sports offers many options for after-market insoles.  Superfeet, Powerstep and Sofsole are favorites of many podiatrists and physical therapists.  insoleIf you need extra support or extra cushioning, stop in to Stateline Sports and check these out.  We will size them and fit them to your shoe.  These insoles are sooooo good, most come with a 60 day satisfaction guarantee.  Treat your feet today!
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Remember these?

We still use the Brannock device to measure your feet allowing us to better estimate your size. There is however, no better method to determine your size then to come see us and try a bunch of shoes on!