It can be overwhelming trying to choose the proper skate. Let us help you buy the proper skate for you. You may want to buy the “elite skate” but that “elite skate” most likely isn’t what you need.

When choosing a skate it is good to know your level and frequency of play. Skate models are divided by stiffness, weight, moisture management and blade quality. At each price level skates become stiffer and lighter in weight. For beginners or occasional rec league players it’s best that you look at the low to mid price skate. This skate will be softer and easier for you to break in. You may not have developed the power in you skating stride to need a stiffer boot. At this stage in your game, the additional coordination from a soft boot is worth the added weight and lack of moisture management.

Intermediate level skaters should choose from the mid price point skates. A mid price skate is made with lighter and more rugged materials to meet the demands of more competitive play. These skates will dry quicker and be more durable.

For the advanced player the elite skate is the way to go. Elite skates use the newest and most advanced materials available to make the skate extremely light, stiff and very hydrophobic. The skates at this level are made from fully heat moldable materials to ensure a great fit for maximum performance and quick break in time. You truly get what you pay for.